BIPV ‘Solar Railing’ receives full certification

In order to fully utilize all available space for energy generation, Create Solar has developed a ‘Solar Railing’ product.  These Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic (BIPV) modules replace traditional glass pane railing options, and offer customizable levels of privacy while producing power at the same time.  The image below shows a real-world installation in Kelowna, BC.

The overall look and feel of the installed product is very minimal, as all cabling can be conveniently tucked away in the aluminum railing.  They are designed to be used with micro-inverters, which allow each small group of panels to produce at their maximum output, regardless of shading.  Currently they are being manufactured in two standard sizes, 50W & 100W.  They are also available in a slanted configuration for sloping/staircase applications as shown in the following image:

off-grid railing

These high-end PV modules have been tested to the most stringent industry standards, and have recently received full certification, including CSA, ULC, and TÜV.  Further electrical and mechanical specifications are shown in the datasheet below.  This ‘Solar Railing’ product by Create Solar is another important step in appropriately integrating renewable technology in order to realize fully net zero homes.

Solar railing datasheet








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