Catching moments of collecting cool air after sunset

After we had finished installing roof collection panels, air path pipes, air handing unit, system sensors and other related hardware and plumbing parts, we test run the system on daily basis. In the beginning we had problems to run the system in summer night cool air intake mode. After adjusting the system settings and the exterior temperature sensor location, we have successfully run the set C system in the mode.

Beside the blue color on the bottom left corner of the display panel, the true indicator showing the system is working in summer night cool air intake mode is this: the temperature inside the collection panels are LOWER than both the exterior and interior temperatures as a result of the collection panels’ capability of releasing heat further as the cool air is being collected. See two photos of set C’s display on two August 16 and 22:

Set C display panel after midnight of August 16, 2018
Set C display panel in early morning of August 22, 2018

Next we are going to seal the bottom of the heat storage area and continue the test – the REAL test.

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