Road Integrated Photovoltaics (RIPV) Demo Project – Part 1

Create Solar’s core R&D efforts are all centred around providing a full spectrum green energy solution for both residential and commercial clients in northern climates such as Canada.  As such, one of the latest developments we have been working on is an in-ground based solar thermal & electric system, which can be installed in locations such as driveways or footpaths.  When completed, this system will be the first of its kind in North America.  Its full functionality is as follows:

  1. Generate electricity for a net-metered grid connection or off-grid independent system
  2. Have the ability to de-ice the surface of the system in the winter using multiple different heat sources available, such as:
    • Vertical solar thermal evacuated tubes
    • Geothermal ground loops
    • Gas-fired boiler
    • Reverse electrical current from cleared solar electrical panels
  3. Provide individual monitoring and control of small sections of the array for research & development purposes
  4. Be able to cool the solar electric modules in the summer months to have them operate at a higher efficiency level, while at the same time dumping this excess heat into something useful such as the domestic hot water heater or the in-ground pool.

A diagram of this addition to the overall 727 Living Lab system is shown in the image below:

The physical portion of the system has already been installed and can be seen in progress in the following images:

Currently the team is working on making the physical connections to the control room, with next steps being the installation of all the electrical and thermal control circuitry and the geothermal loops.  Additional updates will be provided as the project progresses.  This is yet another piece of the net-zero home puzzle that Create Solar is aiming to provide for Canadian homeowners in order to alleviate climate change.

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