Successful launch of hybrid PV/microinverter/battery system

Due to present uncertainty in the world and the potential for issues surrounding electric power security, the team at Create Solar has been working on providing customers with solutions to increase the reliability of their electricity source.  In tandem with several exclusive hardware providers, we are now able to offer an all encompassing renewable energy solution.  Our novel system addresses each of a customer’s potential power requirements, including the following:

  • Battery backup for keeping essential loads operating in the event of a power outage, including options for all major battery chemistries
  • The ability to sell excess energy directly to the grid from the solar PV source
  • The option for storing power from the grid in the evenings when it may be cheaper to purchase, and selling it back to the grid during peak times when it may be worth more money
  • The ability to integrate into an existing solar PV installation and use existing microinverters in off-grid mode
  • The ability to prioritize the flow of power in every conceivable direction possible
  • Remote monitoring of the entire system through a smartphone app

The setup of the functionality test at Create Solar’s ‘Living Lab’ is shown in the image below:

A diagram showing the various connections and hardware setup of the entire system is laid out in the following drawing:

This new and unique technology was tested in a real-world situation at an existing Create Solar PV installation in Sicamous, BC, Canada.

An image of the retrofitted hardware is shown below.

Create Solar is pleased to be able to offer this exciting new technology, and looks forward to continuing to be a leader in unique PV solutions for the Western Canadian market.

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