Aubrey from CRE Green will give a presentation of our all-in-one solar solutions during BTD lunch gathering

Recorded video for this presentation (most slides shown in the TV screen in video had to be edited because of poor lighting and wrong direction of video capture):

Thanks to Business Trade Development based in Kelowna BC and around, CRE Green has got a chance to speak about our all-in-one solar solutions to home HVAC, electricity and hot water productions that are based on Japan’s OM Solar House concept and practices.

This Friday (February 23, 2018) around lunch time at Moxie’s Grill and Bar, Aubrey Zhang will give the presentation. Here you can find a short introduction of him:

CRE invites those who have no problem in understanding fast paced English to join us. Please register through Hill Jiang and also get detailed information about this presentation. Thank you!

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