Double Glass Sealed BIPV Solar Panels Designed to Be Interchangable with Traditional Glass Railings

CRE Green has just finished designing BIPV solar panels that can be used interchanged with regular glass railings seen in HomeDepot and other railing suppliers. The following is just a temporary showcase of glass railings purchased from HomeDepot. Once our PIPV solar panels arrive, they will be displayed here at our UBCO Living Lab at 727 Cassiar Crescent. Our glass railing PV panels are wider and come in two widths for horizontal railings and two configurations for stair railings.

Of course, the whole thing you see here will be installed on top of the hardwood floor in the end. These railings will be used to protect two transparent glass floor panels. These two glass floor panels will give our visitors a way to see though them and watch as the solar hot air is blown in from the house’s roof and attic.



The following illustrates how the railings look like with the electricity producing BIPV panels:

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