Solar Green Energy Saving Reno Day 1 at 727 Cassiar Crescent Demo House

After purchasing this existing three-level house at 727 Cassiar Cres in August 2017, having applied for the renovation permit and much preparation work being done, here comes the first day to convert this house into an energy saving residence, by incorporating as much our all-in-one solar green system as possible.

Malmberg Construction this morning sent their workers to take away all the carpets above the area where heat storage and exchange will take place. The idea is to install real hardwood floor later on to keep the heat stored underneath the floor for better management and also to slightly increase the storage capacity for the entire floor. See these pictures below:

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Other things were carried out as well, including clearing out the existing garage for future kitchen, digging into the soil surrounding the garage concrete floor for the city inspector to examine, and getting the construction dump bin in place, etc.

For green energy conversions to be done for existing houses, concrete floor and walls cannot be used to form the heat storage/exchange space any more. In this case, the floor above the basement will be used for this purpose. Contained water will be inserted into the floor space to let the heated air from roof by solar heating to pass through. The end result of this passive heat storage? To achieve the similar effect.

Front view of this solar heat demo house
727 cassiar cres
Back view from ground – UBC living lab entrance
Overall layout for the entire conversion
Cross section showing the heat storage area

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